About Us

To Know God and Make Him Known

Our Vision


Know the only true God; the Father, made possible by Christ and fully experienced through the power of the Holy Spirit (John 17:3).


To testify to our community, our town and beyond of the good news of God’s grace. (Acts 20:24)

Our Values


We value the call to live as disciples of Jesus, to be followers of him. That life is to be founded on prayer, God’s word, and a living relationship with God. We want to be steadfast in prayer, building our lives on God’s word, and living full of the Holy Spirit. We want to be disciples who make disciples, helping people to find faith and to grow in faith


We are family, with God as our Father. We value fellowship, hospitality, and growth in and through relationship. Within family there should be honour and love for each other that crosses the boundaries of ethnicity, age, education or any other thing that has the potential to separate us. There should also be fun and laughter in our family life.


We value prayer and recognise it as the engine room of church life and the bedrock of our relationship with God. We want to be a praying people who promote prayer as the key to helping change society.


We value the supernatural and expect to see God’s gifts in operation inside and outside the church. The supernatural is not merely desirable; it is essential for effectively demonstrating the love of God to a broken world. We want every believer to walk in the fullness of the Spirit, using the gifts that he has given us to be a blessing to others wherever we go.


We value the call to live out our faith in whatever context God places us. We are all on mission. It is not just a calling of the few but a calling of the church to reach the world with God’s love and grace. We want people to see their everyday lives as a mission for God.


We value knowing God personally: knowing the Father and his love and affirmation; knowing Jesus as friend, brother, saviour and Lord; knowing the Holy Spirit as comforter and helper. We want every believer to know their true identity as a son or daughter, and to know the value of every human being – that we are all created in the image of God.

Our Beliefs


We believe that we are saved only by grace, through faith in the finished work of the cross. Grace is what saves us, heals us, and restores us. Grace supplies all that we need for a living relationship with God.


We believe that Jesus perfectly reveals the Father and that he sent the Holy Spirit to us so that we could become his sons and daughters. This brings us into relationship with each other, and we become brothers and sisters – part of the family of God.


We believe that Jesus came as King and is establishing his kingdom on the earth. We are called to prayer and action, advancing the kingdom everywhere we go. The kingdom is expressed in grace, love, mercy, justice, healing, restoration, peace, and truth.


We believe that God calls every believer to mission. Our mission is to share the love and grace of God in Christ Jesus wherever we go.


We believe in the priesthood of all believers. All of us have a primary call to live a life of worship to God and service to others.


We believe in one God, who is at the same time Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This is the perfect expression of love and unity in relationship.


We believe that the Father sent his son Jesus to die in our place. The perfect sacrifice of Jesus on the cross was an act of supreme love for fallen humanity. The cross is all-sufficient; it is the means by which we are saved, healed, and restored.